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Dominique Barteet


Dominique McClain Barteet
Onesole Founder & CEO
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Dominique McClain Barteet, RPh. created Onesole as a hobby in the back of her pharmacy after buying 3 of the same shoes in different colors. She developed the idea through trial and error with no shoe design or business experience. Now her pharmacy is in the back of her shoe factory taking a back seat to the phenomenal sales throughout the world with her patented interchangeable shoe that is well known for comfort and versatility. 

Dominique has been on numerous television shows demonstrating Onesole, including the Shark Tank Season Finale on ABC where all the sharks fought over her. Other interchangeable shoes Jeska and Boot Illusions were also featured but have closed.

Diane Sawyer featured Onesole as Best Product Made in America on ABC World News Tonight.

Onesole has been sold on Home Shopping networks such as QVC, The Shopping Channel in Canada and Japan, TVSN in Australia, TVN, and QVC UK, and Ideal World.

Onesole is sold in over 80 countries and features over 3000 different tops and over 20 sole bases that interchange for the perfect travel shoe.


Dominique Barteet




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